Career Guidance Program

Well it’s been a great year till now many great ideas turned from dreams to reality. And among them the one that stands out unique and exceptional would undoubtedly be the Career Guidance Program for class X Students.

On 21st February 2015, we conducted the Career guidance program for class X students at ZPHS Kukatpally. Harsha Vardhan Ayyagari, one of the senior volunteers has taken up the session with an interactive presentation, motivated many and to add on I can say that everyone present at session were motivated.   

The presentation started with how to choose a career path, how to know one self also included each and every aspect that one could choose or take up after schooling to be precise after 10th class. Harsha along with Akhil explained briefly about all the opportunities that one has after he steps out of his schooling. 

I still remember a girl named Soni came down to me and asked me what it takes to be a CARDIOLOGIST, well a small brain has started to think so much that actually motivated me to work more towards my career. And there was another who was so adamant that she wanted to only Polytechnic later followed by degree and then come back to the same school where she took this decision and help the upcoming students in their career. Her zeal and confidence made her lay the first stone towards her success. 

To end up I must say that it’s been a great day and a great session as well came to know about many things and learned many things.

The will to succeed itself is a key ingredient of success.


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