We're Back

I have a taste for photography....i take pics wherever i go...A day back i was lookin @ my collections when i came across this pic....
it brought back all the memories which i had with this organization.the very first day when i entered a class and children wished us 'Good morning anna',the happiness on their faces when our Prez or our HR made them play games....the silly issues children used to bring out...the cheer on every kid's face when he/she won a prize in the competitions we conducted...n lot more beautiful moments which would stay with me for life...But due to my so called education or some other T/Coffee issues,I was not able to involve myself in the organization's activities.
I attended some 9-10 sessions in all,but the satisfaction it gave me every time i came out of my class waving the students was immense..had i given much more time it would have been better.
Apart from occasional calls from my Prez i missed all this joy...
the previous year was good...Let us make this year better...let us hope that there will be no more hiccups in our action plans.Hope i give my best to the organization along with my counterparts.
-A Volunteer


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