I missed SAHAYA in hoildays like this..

"If we taste the sourness of separation, then only we can enjoy the sweetness of unification."
    All these days I not only missed the students, but also missed the core team members who take right decisions  up front in critical situations, I like their decision making ability, their smart work and many more..I missed many more .The eager looking students, their doubts (good & some silly too).I also missed the enjoying sessions of telling stories to them.

     We are happy that our students are delivering the thing in their exams by practicing & keeping the points in their mind which we said them in the last sessions .we were glad to know that tips for exams, the map pointing classes were very helpful to them.

     Recently the SSC results are up and we are very happy to know that our students backed good marks I made many volunteers as my friends and missed them too I am happy that I will be meeting them as soon as the sessions of SAHAYA start

      After a couple of days of my exams its my birthday and I was surprised to receive a phone call from the PRESIDENT of SAHAYA himself. He wished me and arranged a meeting in the evening and a surprise party too. In that session I came to know about the internal work that has been done. I was very glad to all that changes and improvisations.

     Now I am eagerly waiting to execute them and after all ultimately desire to excel the life of the students and we will strive for it all the time.


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