Celebrating the true Spirit of Independence

Every Independence Day brings to all of us a sense of pride for our nation and helps us celebrate its spirit. This Independence Day was very special to me ,it was my first Independence Day with Sahaya.

It was an apparently gloomy day but, the tri colours dancing in pride across the streets and the people commemorating sacrifices of the legendaries brightened up the day. The spirit of independence was in the air. To celebrate this spirit we Sahayans gathered at ZPHS,Kukatpally. As we entered the school I was elated to see the huge ground of the school swarmed with ebullient children breaking the barriers of colour, creed and religion to celebrate the Independence Day. The event started with the Flag hoisting followed by the march past of the NCC cadets with discipline as its decorate. A welcome speech by the the Principal and message from Chief Guest followed. Later there were some foot tapping dance numbers, the patriotic songs sung by the students and speeches given by the children which though crude, roused the patriotism amongst the audience. Next the alumni of the school shared their experience on how they excelled in their 10th and encouraged their peers to to do equally good or even better and make their teachers proud. Each and every secondary classroom was beautifully decorated for the independence day, each special in its own way. Some classes made portrays of freedom fighters, while others made a vibrant rangoli of tri-coloured Indian map showcasing blossoming talent and patriotism.

After the children dispersed we Sahayans had a quiz competition followed by a group discussion in which all the volunteers enthusiastically participated(or were forced to J). The quiz was fun and meticulously organized. Cheers to the organizing team!!!.

And thus ended one of the most memorable Independence day in my life. I’m happy to see Sahaya toddle to free the Mother India from the shackles of illiteracy… celebrating the true essence of Freedom for India. And I am proud to be a part of it.


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