Swatantra Diwas

Independence Day, came again the 64th time. Every year its an event which I enjoy more than my birthday. This time with Shamshiguda School children. All the students were busy in decorating their classrooms and everyone is dressed in uniform(Gud work Infotech guys). Me and volunteers from Yellenki were there to represent Sahaya. Flag was hoisted by local MLA. Its sad that, he left the school without a single word with the students. We were treated as guests by school management and asked us to sit on chairs just behind the stage(and just above the stage too :P). After a long speech by school headmaster, Saskriti Team and HHS have given money prizes to students who scored good marks in SSC. And our turn came. I went on to stage and briefly explained about Sahaya. After that quiz winners received prizes by the hands of their HM. They left us only after having sweet :).


Then headed to KP school for volunteers' events. When we reached KP School, the speeches were still going on. To know what happened next, read the below post by Neelima.


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