A Day with lots of smiles | Independence day celebrations

To see a smile in someone’s face because of me/you really feels like heart rippling. It was a great and touching moment for us to see a bunch of smiles which made the thirst for our cause more stronger and I don’t have words to express the feeling that we all had.

The smiley day was 13 August, 2010, the day which made us feel richer than a prince(ss). We had all the kids
assembled together and were properly assigned volunteers. Even though there wasn't proper space inside the event place, all the kids were well managed throughout and it made me to remember the schooling days.

A cloudy Friday morning at ZPHS Shamshiguda volunteers scrambling about… “Do we have enough copies of  question papers? The answer papers are here! Yes, enough for everyone. Which classes to go first? Is the event place big enough???….”

Actually forgot to mention one thing. Actually I was kinda blown away when the kids asked me ” how are you ? ” giving me shake-hands. A really nice welcome.

About the event itself, lemme introduced you the innovative and intresting round names introduced by Election
and his team....

Round # Round Name Description Number of Questions Points
Round 1 AdukkoCheptam We wil ask questions related
to Politics, Sports, Movies
15 Questions, 3 per team 10 points for direct Q.
5 points for passed Q
Round 2 WordMaster Team has to pick a letter from
chits. The team has to tell
words start with the chosen
letter within 1 minute. They
also have to spell the word.
5 Questions, 1 per team Total 4 points per word.
2 for word, 2 for spelling.
Round 3 Gajini One student per team is
chosen for this round.
Students will be shown some
objects for 30 sec. Now they
will be given 1 minute to write
down the objects they have
1Question 1 point for object
Round 4 VikramBethal We will tell a story of famous
personality and ask questions
from the story. One story per
15 Questions. 5 per team. 5 points per question
Round 5 PustakalaPurugu We will ask questions from
academics(Social, Science,
9 Questions, 3 per team 10 points for direct Q
5 points for passed Q.

After the preliminary round we sorted out the best 5 from each class making 5 teams each consisting of 5 = 5teams, 25 members.

With these 5 teams Sandeep and amer started second round AdukkoCheptam. Audience  cheering for their favourite team alon with shakel... had a great fun time.
In the same way sundeep and his team done with remaining rounds..... the rounds kids enjoyed most was GAJAJNI round. Kids were given 1 i time to see n remember 25 items and they need to write those items on paper. 
And the other most interesting part of the day was kids were decorating their class rooms for independence day celebrations to be held  today.[15 Aug]. 

at the end 
it was 
A day with lot of smiles........


tarzan said...

photo chala baga vachindhi nenu kudha vallalo kalisipoyanu..................................................

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thnx for pic ...........pic chala bagaundi

electionreddy said...

Yes,... it was nice experience for me as an organizer. It was a team effort. Thanks to Shakeel the Assistant :P, Yellenki Volunteers, CoreTeam, Sandeep, Amar and my room mates Shashidhar, Upendra, Bharat. But a bit sad feeling that I missed the main quiz due to some urgent work. Anyway... this blog explained it very well... Thanks Srikant for blogging it.

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