In general, our lives are built by the people; there will be lot of influence on us because of that people. So far, one person has stood out the most in this role, my friend Dharani Kumar who is a very strong willed, intelligent and inspiring person to me.

Dharani always believe that “a single person taking on multiple tasks will not be able to perform at a same pace as a team can. When people work together they can complete tasks faster by dividing the work to people of different abilities and knowledge”

Being Treasurer to a non profitable organization is most challenging job in terms of better utilization of available resources depending upon the requirement list. He took the responsibility to ensure our organization have resources to carry out the stated aims and objectives, neither they overspend nor under spend. It’s great to know that he is having accurate records and supporting documentation to a reasonable level of detail that provides a clear idea for all transactions.

Sahaya is known for its innovative events during patriotic occasions, but there is a tremendous amount of work has been carried out interms of budgetary planning. However, Dharani’s long term diligence and efforts most importantly his presence during sessions has provided an opportunity to experience the elevated level of energizing volunteers and feeds the cycle of success.

Indeed it is a great feeling for me to think that we have been worked together for so long but the moments have never reached to its extremity. With his new Avatar from Chennai, I feel new Sun of hope will rise shortly. Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dharani for the support we’ve received here and we wish him to reach many milestones in all his future endeavors.

Dharani, You are so incredible!

Best Wishes
Sreeram, Srikanth & Team


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