The Day When Days Turned to Year

Exactly 365 days (27th July) before I Got a call from an Unknown Number When I attended the call, the person on the other side said “Shut up and Come to Gowdavelly”, That’s it the call ended there. During Our recess I again got a call from the same number saying to come down near the main gate of the college. When I went there I saw Eshwar (THE BEST VOLUNTEER OF SAHAYA), he took me to Gowdavelly School and there began my Journey in SAHAYA.

                I went there took a session for almost 2hours for the 6th E/M, There was a girl named “MUSKAAN” who taught me to how to smile at any instance, however grave the situation is. The Session ended and when I came back I found myself fighting to get out of the atmosphere that was created around me by the children of 6th E/M (Presently 7th E/M). 

In the past one year there were many things that I forgot, one of them was at the DRAWING Competition held in GOWDAVELLY School on 4th August 2012, There was a girl who made the drawing using the JANMA BHOOMI theme to describe the national Integrity. 

At that time I couldn’t remember that and after the session I couldn’t forget that.

And later on there were many things that were a part of my life and the rest changed my life. The Volunteers of SAHAYA were neither my relatives nor my Childhood friends but still they are my life.

And then came the day “MAITHRI (The Anniversary of Sahaya)” Where I was awarded for the BEST BLOG POST. I still remember every minute of that day I had spent along with my fellow mates & The TEAM behind SAHAYA.

If I start writing all my experiences, then it would be better I write a book. Writing a book will happen for sure, but at present I want to keep it short and simple. As stated in all my previous articles I urge all my mates & others to be a part of SAHAYA and experience the best and finest. And Script their Journey and share their memories. Because, 

To Volunteer you don’t need a graduate degree, all you need is a degree of caring.

Come, Join us & be a part of the change.

Let’s meet in SWECHA & go with PRAGATHI of Children.  

Thank you

Anirudh Kasibhatla


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