The Day You Stop Learning Is The Day You Stop Growing

This post is inspired from the line “The Day You Stop Learning Is The Day You Stop Growing

I am overwhelming by the level of enthusiasm and the commitment from all the volunteers of Sahaya during on-going Book Collection Drive '13.

Sahaya Book Collection Drive ’13 is creating an opportunity to the Govt. School Children for easy access to their favorite ones. Starting from Dictionary to Atlas, Story books to Work books anything will be accepted in this Drive provided the condition of book should be reasonably well. Sahaya Campaigning team took up the responsibility of organizing this drive in and around 8 reputed colleges in Hyderabad and planned to make available these collected books to children on Nov 14th 2013 during its first phase.

The benefits of books are enormous, some books will inspire us, reading the stories and understand how they articulated, some of them will give immense courage and determination and stand as a great inspiration to go on and achieve our dreams. Reading is significant, everybody who wants to better their life should read a book every week infact every day, when we stop learning we stop growing and in this life we do one of two things, either we move forward in life or stay where we are.

The intention of this Book Collection Drive is a combination of many factors, where we have observed in our regular sessions on the significant impact in every student life. Some studies stated that in a single hour span, the average student will divide their time between listening to class, murmuring with their mates, monitoring their premises, completing homework in advance and many more. But here if we can add a component of “reading books” which will helps improve the concentration that helps to exercise and boost the memory powers because it encourages to remember characters, their backgrounds, ambitions, history and facts.

In addition, story books can engage students in a world which is miles apart from their own, here they can have a glimpse of what goes on in the lives of many fictional characters, where there is a great chance of experiencing empathy, sympathy and compassion, this definitely improves the “Power of Imagination”. There are lots of advantages of books where it will expand the awareness and knowledge, each book will make student more wiser and intelligent and in turn it also helps to improve their vocabulary. 

Finally, one can never stop learning and there is an endless supply of knowledge, information and entertainment available in the form of books. Please come forward and donate books at Sahaya Book Collection Drive ‘ 13.

Best Regards
Sreeram Bhagavathula


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