It is well known that "Teamwork" can lead to better decisions.When "WE" work together it can complete tasks faster by dividing the work among ourselves based on different abilities and knowledge. In our Book Collection Drive, I have witnessed a great Teamwork in reaching our targets. Words were short after looking into last one month active participation from our volunteers towards the drive.

Every volunteer offered their unique knowledge and ability to help/improve other volunteers in our Book Collection Drive process. Through teamwork the sharing of these qualities will allow volunteers to be more productive in the future phases. One can visualize the passion of each volunteer from the below comments

"Let us not waste time. All the volunteers must get ready for the Mobile campaigning, if we are not permitted for the campaigning in the college premises.We need to finish this campaigning part before the vacation (Dussera) inorder, not to give a pause to the book collection drive."
 --Sree Sruthi
"We also have plans like going to any school in the mean time and asking them for comic books because being engineer student i know what books we have and what not so campaigning in school for books is beneficial than campaigning in colleges"
"Today me and Divya (out of our own interest) started the campaign SAHAYA BOOK COLLECTION DRIVE , about which most of the students at JBIET were not aware"
"The main reasons for collecting less no of books are
1) We haven't got any permission for campaigning
2) Most of them have promised that they would be bringing books, but haven't brought them"
"As discussed earlier OCT 10 will be the last day of the Phase 1 in campaigning. Hence we request all the representatives to update the status here about the book collection drive in your colleges"
--SAHAYA Campaigning Team
"122 Story Books, 38 English Reference books, 30 General Knowledge books, 12 Kids' Magazines, 8 Atlases, 8 Dictionaries, 8 self- improvement books, 5 books on Hindu Mythology, 2 Encyclopedia, 2 Novels..." 
"Today the response was just amazing. Many are interested to join as volunteers in Sahaya. I am sure that new volunteers will join with us in the next sessions"
"No further promotion process has been done in college due to exams and also gap because of holidays. We will be doing promotion from 17th i.e., after holidays. More books can be expected from college after holidays. we would like to continue book collection in college till the end of this month"
Hopefully this transition will move from "Make a Dream - Start your Team" to "Make your Team - Chase your Dream"

Sreeram Bhagavathula


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