Strong team work and enthusiastic children

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Generally in Sahaya we organize events based on the ideas from volunteers or from a team discussion. But out of the box this time we have organized ""Field Trip"" to DRK Engineering College on  request by a student from 9 class in Z.P.H.S Kukatpally.

Firstly as usual a wonderful effort from all the volunteers especially from DRK for their extravagant efforts in organizing this event successfully. Team work by the volunteers was the stand out factor in the whole event. Though they were given a short notice,they have organized excellently and made this one of the perfectly organized field trips in sahaya.

Secondly we'd like to heart fully thank the College management for permitting us to conduct this event.

I don't want to generalize the outcome of the event by quoting " Students were very happy,we could see happiness in their faces". The main intention of field trip is to give them an undercurrent encouragement and making them in getting exposure to the world which they will be stepping out.

Yes the children were happy obviously they would be and the fact which really made us happy was the response from students after the field trip.Initially when they were questioned on their interest towards engineering there were very less no. of students who answered it. But after the completion of field trip the response to the same question was excellent. That was enough for all of us because the purpose of their trip was fulfilled. The interest with which they were observing  labs and  the way they maintained discipline was very good

I would also congratulate the kids for being lucky enough to visit an engineering college even before their 10th  standard as many of us has entered after intermediate. This earliest exposure to the college environment would definitely create a mark in their minds and most of them take this as a factor of inspiration and continue further effectively.

Concluding,we collectively are very much thankful to the management of DRK for their continuous  support to the events of sahaya especially for the book collection drive that was recently organized in DRK which has produced a good no.of book.

On behalf of campaigning team we are very happy that one of the major events was completed successfully by the courtesy of a team work. Hope this support would continue further on the book collection drive which is going to be completed on NOV 10.

Team sahaya..... let us continue the same for the next nearest target (Book collection drive) as our work together as team would create wonders which is already a proven fact..

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