“Learning” leads to “Experience”

Sahaya Society is a social organization where a group of volunteers   teaches children in government schools started and was started by engineering students in the year 2008. But according to me, it’s not only a non profitable government organization, but also a family where all the volunteers are treated as the family members looking towards our society, to develop, find the talent of the children,  make them understand what they can do and what they can incorporate for themselves.

Before joining Sahaya my thought was helping others means giving money or doing some work and that will give a lot of satisfaction and happiness, but after joining Sahaya, what I thought was completely wrong, it gives only a little satisfaction.

So after few days in Sahaya, got a new thought as 
“Spending money for helping others will give you a little satisfaction but spending some time with the children to develop them will give you an immense satisfaction. “

The above quote is dedicated to Sreeram anna, who is the person inspired me to come forward in any situation, either it is positive or negative, decision making is important and should be the perfect decision on which everyone keeps a hand. The core team members’ dedication should be appreciated a lottttttttt…….

My experience towards Sahaya is “giving something to some one will give you some thing in return”. If we impart our knowledge to the children, in return they also teach us something in many ways.

My first session started at Gowdavelli ZPHS and now continuing in with ZPHS Kukatpalli. The students in the schools were very active and they were in the spirit of learning new things. When I was going to a class 7th T/M in gowdavelli, I heard some words from one student telling others as “Sahaya anna vaalu vacharu eesari kotthaga em cheptharoooo”. The curiosity made me to tell them something new for the students and made them play a game and started preparations for august 15th events.

The most awesome session was ZPHGS Narsapur, where students are very well disciplined and curious to listen.

Days have passed in Sahaya, volunteer interactions started called Maithri, and we had some wonderful meetings. The clear picture of Sahaya started as improvements in the existing process. After few days, Sahaya library was started with a great campaigning process in various colleges around the city.

Every time organizing innovative events for the school students has helped us a lot and career guidance sessions to the volunteers such as mock interviews, experience sharing, and interactions with experts was beneficial to all the volunteers.

Thanks to Eshwar Babu (my senior in school, inter, B.tech and forever) for letting me join Sahaya.

Come                                Join us                                  Educate

Srinath Reddy P.


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