Event 1:

On 15th August 2009, India celebrated its 63nd year of Independence. Our great freedom fighters dedicated their lives to achieve this.

So, what does Independence mean to the younger generation? What do they believe they can do for the betterment of the country? To get an answer to these questions, we organized an essay writing and drawing competition for kids in 3 schools that we have adopted.

Event 2:
Health awareness Camp:
Date: August 15th Class: 10th Venue: ZPHS, KUKATPALLY.

Key activities:
1.Common illness and precautions
2.Hand washing
3.Proper nail cutting
4.Usage of tooth brush, Proper bathing and wearing of washed and tidy cloths
5.Precautions that need to be taken when effected with fever, cold and cough.
6.Proper sanitation.
7.Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Food Safety, Hygiene, Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol.

The camp will be proceeded with Dr. Madhu varanasi, General Physician under vision.

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