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The Sahaya Project represents to work within the formal school system. It is an effort by Sahaya to extend its activities in the field of education, leveraging our experiences with less privileged children to improve the quality of learning in Municipal and Private Aided Schools. Specifically, we hope to provide inputs in the fields of teaching, extra-curricular activities and community support that will significantly enhance the learning opportunities for children in formal schools.

The Sahaya Project has the following objectives:
• We believe that each individual is precious, unique and a reservoir of resources. We endeavour to provide opportunities which will enable a large number of children to reach their full potential in the areas of social, emotional, intellectual, physical growth based on Indian ethos and values.

Key focus areas
The Sahaya School Project will focus its efforts on four key areas:
• Improve the quality of learning in the schools by bringing in new teaching methodologies while adhering to the current school curriculum.
• Introduce extra-curricular activities with enhanced curriculum to supplement classroom learning and provide opportunities for children to develop holistically.

A perfect plan is worked out for each school based on their specific requirements, but the list below gives examples of Sahaya’s activities.
• Extra-curricular support
• Art/Craft, Dance/Drama and PT/Sports programs
• Educational outings for the children of the school
• Annual day function by the school children
• Educational inputs
• English study classes for children in classes 8th, 9th and 10th across all mediums.
• Computer classes

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