What We Do

Sahaya Objectives

The SAHAYA is a non-profitable society with a mission to impact the lives of less privileged children, enabling them to maximize their potential and change their lives. Sahaya works primarily in the field of education.

For each children:
“Our dream is that one day all children will get a chance to do something good
for themselves and for their own country.”

Sahaya aspires to provide each child with:
A strong educational foundation in English,Maths and basic computer knowledge. A good time where children learn with joy. Tools that they can use to create a future livelihood for themselves and prepare them for life. Sahaya encourages children to dream but more importantly, aspires to empower them to deliver on their dreams.

Many children get into their father's shoes very early. Let us all collectively try to make their future a brighter by providing resources to them.

What we do

For every Child
Schools we take up
Methodologies and curriculum


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