Getting Started


If you can't start a project on your own, you can help in many other ways.  Help by joining a Editorial team, planning committee to develop the programmes that we use to advance our cause.  You can also help with a material or financial donation. See the support page to see how you can help.


Meet Up—Find people willing to work together to produce positive change. Anybody can get involved - men and women, people of any profession, and any age.

Search—Find a nearby School that needs our help. Assess need of teaching man power and start growing more people to our cause.

Initiate—Get in the community, make some friends, and begin a dialogue. Find out what they reqired and what those kids need to be tought and considering a plan of action.

Share—Collaborate with teams across the our community using blogs, orkut community, or just pick up the phone. Share your experience, successes and failures - we can all learn from each other.

Grow—Collect funds and recruit more people to our cause. It doesn't require tremendous amounts of funding or a large group of people.  All it requires is a few hours of time and a little bit of compassion - the rest will come on its own.