Sahaya History

Sahaya began in 2008 with a simple idea. There were thousands of children who needed and wanted to be educated. There were thousands of college students who had the energy, enthusiasm and time to teach. The simple idea was to adopt a school where the dropout ratio would be less and make difference in them.

The implementation of this simple idea was slightly more complex. Principal of the Government school MEDAK opened his doors and the sahaya activates had found its first space.

The next challenge was to grab students presence towards us and make them understand how important education in their life at present generation for the survival. And for this we made ourselves drop to their standards to make them understand easily.

The truth was that we didn't really know exactly what we were doing. What we knew was that we wanted to make a difference, that we believed that every child deserved a space and time each day where they could just be children. So we motivated few of our classmates and selected them as volunteers, convincing them that "together we can make a difference."

With volunteers, children’s in Govt School, the next question became what to teach. The volunteers met on one day and thought of all the issues and troubles they faced when they were in school. The first very basic program emerged from these meetings - carrier guidance, general awareness and fun filled education. The aim - a good time for the children - was clear. A good time that would make a difference.

So we started. There were days when volunteers asked, "but you said we were going to make a difference. What difference are we making?" And other days where we just knew that one day it would make a difference.

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