An Year of Simple Steps

Relationship not of blood but of heart

I  had an online conversation with an unknown person and this led me to step into an NGO which I didn't even know,I had no idea what was going to happen...But this step I took brought a lot of change in my life ....

On the 14th of August 2012 at 9:22 PM, I had a conversation with one of the volunteers of SAHAYA and I got a idea... Why Shouldn't I take a look into this. Next day, Early in the morning.. i.e on 15th August 2012 where I went to a govt school at Kukatpally after some phone calls. With little struggle, I got a chance to interact with Jagadeesh ,Karthick and Varun, with which I started my steps in Sahaya with a state of confusion.

It was my First session when I went to 9th class 

I entered a busy class room, it was really tough for me to make them sit quiet and listen to me. With no surprise kids saw me as alien from  an other planet. Before getting into the class I received few  instructions and a bit of guidance from senior co-volunteers. With little effort I made kids to sit quiet and I saw those enthusiastic faces of kids with all smiles looking forward to listen something new that day. These are my first memories in Sahaya.

 I was little shocked when I entered the school with few volunteers but later in few seconds, I realized that I was a bit early to school that day... Meanwhile, a kid who saw me in the previous session came to me and I gave him some tips in algebra.

Later, I got familiar with the process in Sahaya and kids as well. Along with the handout provided, I always felt that there are many more things that can be taught to kids and with a little preparation my sessions were much more productive. 

I learnt that everyone makes mistakes
A mistake that was pointed out by a kid named HARI PRASAD from  my class-room is a silly one, that i made it in case of COLOR, he said it was COLOUR  I made them overcome these little mistakes by making them to talk to each other in English and making their own points on the given topics

These are the five sessions where i did my best, with help of the cute kids.


Preparation for 26th Jan came out and I had no idea how this will be done, but TO BE FRANK... I JUST DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL  26TH JAN WHAT A COLLAGE MEANT, but each and every volunteer worked hard in each and every school I attended and I can just say that SAHAYA stood support to every kid, took them to heart as a brother not of blood but of heart,In the span of this 365 days I learnt more than what i taught but this made me to say proudly that I am not working with an NGO but with my complete Family of SAHAYA

                               The most memorable moments with SAHAYA family 
Every step i took is not my mind but with my heart when i started with an uneasy step
but that step though it was uneasy made each and every step so simple
The cricket match B/w Volunteers and Kids
The 26th event which made me how to mould to become better
The unbelievable and unexpected gift to this selfish fellow as

                BEST VOLUNTEER 

 the above all are my role models of my present life

                   joined+cared+educated = SAHAYA
                    i now proudly say that      I am sahayan

Arun IAS


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