My journey in sahaya (ONE-TWO-THREE)

Well, before starting to write a blog post firstly I’d like to have a recap of the most wonderful experiences from the past three years. I’d like to enter into the post by congratulating all my co-volunteers on their fantastic efforts in the completion of “SWECHA-2K13”. Though these are stereotypic and regular words from me but I’d again like to prefer thanking all my core team members for their wonderful support. A word which has been influencing me more than anything in my life, a wonderful and memorable journey which has been continuing from 3 years ie., SAHAYA ……

Exactly three years ago on August 7, a session in gowdavely,  has changed my entire calendar and entire life style which brought me into sahaya. Earlier I thought it was just a group of students helping school kids but as time moved on , I realized that it was not just a group it’s a world of positive minded and truly determined people who stood on one single stand and diversifying themselves and creating a serious impact in their surroundings.
According to my analysis I was unlucky because I couldn’t come to know about a network which is out of focus of all the media and unwanted publicities, which is still continuing to play a decisive role here in our society.
The essence here in Sahaya is you may have different thoughts, different ideas and plans but when you step into a school your mind and soul stops thinking of all those and you will seriously start thinking about the kids. If your thoughts still deviate you don’t worry the volunteers and core team will definitely format your ideas and impart the dedication, efforts towards the students. I guess each and every volunteer will agree with me.

A regular volunteer but childish and a bit ignorant. But still got some wonderful opportunities like “Field Trips” “MY LIBRARY” which really has laid a foundation for my learning and a thought provocation for changing my self.

A slight transformation in analyzing the things,a bit mature and improvement. I’d personally feel this year has got a decisive role in my entire life as this year in sahaya not only brought my positive thinking back but also some leadership skills which were hidden down in the corner. This year the core organizer of Technical fest and some IEEE events as said earlier I’d dedicate them to Sahaya which has brought out some skills out of me.

This year the trust and the belief that my core team had on me was inexpressible. HITAMP,CORE TEAM CHOICE,SCHOOL HEAD these things are wonderful gifts for me which I’d like to cherish in my entire life.Very happy to see Sahaya featuring in newspapers and elated seeing the turn-up and dedication of new volunteers from VNR and HITAM.

Thanking Note:
I’d like to take an initiative on behalf of every volunteer in thanking core team, editorial team, and treasury team. Personally I’d like to thank my co-volunteers from HITAM, my juniors and all the other volunteers for excellent efforts and being a point of inspiration in each and every situation during these 3 years.

Concluding, these three years which were very short and wonderful has given me many chances to prove thanking for that I’d like to have a word for my self “I will definitely give my best efforts and my dedication to the maximum extent.

Crazzy Phani


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