August 15th celebrations - Swecha 2k13

I have been planning to write a blog post since SWECHA 2k13 event started . So, let me begin with the  SWECHA  event. Every year SAHAYA conducts various activities to bring out the talent of children.  This year for Aug 15th , Extempore and Quiz were conducted. Despite many hurdles, Our volunteers and children made this event a huge success.

Initially when we explained children regarding Extempore event on Day1 in Shamshiguda school, the participation of students was not up to the mark . Later when we gave them some tips on how to remember the topic while speaking , how the flow should continue from introduction to conclusion , 80% of the class were interested to participate. Some children chose their own topics to speak and asked us to provide the content . In a session, prior to the event day , kids were well prepared by then and they insisted us to conduct a mock event.  Seeing the fellow mates participate, other children also enthusiastically came forward for participation.

Coming to the Quiz , D.Kiran from 7th class & Ch.Sandhya Rani  from 8th T.M (Shamshiguda school) were out of our imagination in I.Q terms . In visual round, we din’t know some of the places , but these children at one go, revealed the answers. They were happy with the way events were conducted and insisted us to conduct  such kind of events.

 I would like to specially mention about the SWECHA event conducted at ZPGHS Narsapur because in this school senior children mentored their juniors in this event process.

“ Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance “

This was perfectly executed by Sreeram. One session took place prior the event conduction day  where Sreeram , Srinath ,Ramaraju played a key role in explaining the team mentors(10th class students) about the Extempore event. When Juniors have any doubt regarding the event , they would pose a question to the Senior where they would justify the answer by taking the assistance of books from Library. Shivani (10th class) took the lead role in mentoring the whole process .

Coming to Aug 15th , My day started by reaching KP school to collect the gifts for students who excelled in these events. Later reached Shamshiguda school , after flag hoisting ,Nagalakshmi gave a speech which inspired students to further participate in many more events.

Real celebrations started when I reached back KP school . Phani gave an introductory session to new volunteers . Later all volunteers gathered in a class and here comes the most awaiting part I want to share. Sreeram  came up with an activity for volunteers . Some chits were prepared in which some real time scenarios were posed as questions . This is one of the best session I had  in SAHAYA till date.

When Karun was posed a question regarding  the effective measures to be taken in maintaining the quality of a session  , He replied in his most modest way explaining that class can be divided into teams which develops a competitive spirit between them leading to the righteous results. 

When its Anirudh turn , he chose a question to mention the various  volunteer  development programs  .He replied that Group discussions , Mock interviews can be conducted.  This question was perfectly answered later by Nischal saying that “ SAHAYA “ itself is a volunteer development program . In fact many volunteers directly /indirectly conveyed the same while sharing their experiences .

The most interesting question “ What are the steps to be taken for president role “ was posed to Srinath and he replied effectively that He would think as a volunteer, how it can be done and in the role of a student , what will be expected from volunteer and whatever decision he takes should be accepted by others too. He also mentioned that he was very thankful to Sreeram for making him as a decision maker.

In between these questionnaire , memento  are given to the best performers in every aspect . Special thanks to creative head Srikanth and Sanjana for making the hand made mementos .

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved “

Following this statement,  Sreeram asked Akhilesh and Santhosh to share their problems faced while conducting this event and had a discussion on how to prevent it further. Last but not the least, children's most favourite volunteer Ramaraju (birthday boy) shared his views on how to control an in-disciplined class. He quoted at last about his experience saying “Experience to be experienced “ .

            On every such occasion , we come to know that session has ended by Sreeram’s single sentence “ Thanks to Dharani and Srikanth for their valuable support “ and Nischal’s announcement “ Assemble for a photo “ . :-)
Had the most memorable day in SAHAYA journey – 67th Independence day

Divya Panjala


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