Mentoring Process at ZPGHS, Narsapur

I can say "life time opportunity for me to experience the Best"

We all know mentoring is not a new concept, but it only matters on how we look into this process. For me, mentoring process should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

The inception of this idea was borne out from a discussion between our Senior Volunteer Pro G.Karthik and our Chief Editor Nischal on April 28th 2013, where it started off with "encouraging some of the upper class students (10th) to teach/mentor the lower class". By the time it was an impossible proposition, but when we started analyzing on its practical implementation, we got to know that children will get benefited with the opportunities tailored to the needs within their own circumstances.

It's a tough decision to start off our mentoring process with Narsapur school because of its distance decay with other schools that we'd adopt. However with all faith driven hope, we have experienced the "Best Moments" during this entire mentoring process.

On 3rd August 2013....

                                                   Super Team of  13 lead by Ms.Shivani

                                                       During Mentoring Process

We noticed that the "Communication" plays a vital role in this process, where 10th class children should have rapport with 6 & 7 class children  that helps this program run smoothly.

On 15th Aug 2013...
Here is the Beautiful Picture story....

                                             We won't find any beautiful art than this...

                                  Students were practicing to perform for a Patriotic song

                                                                          At 7.30am
                                                                         At 8.30am

In this process, mentor efforts will bring energy to the program which able to expand participation and increase overall support from the participants.

                       One of our Mentors Ch. Priyanka with her feedback on this process

                                                              Feedback in detail

Very simple feedback, but effective as well, she strongly believe in mentoring process which is about individual learning and growth.

                                                                       Super dance Show

                                                                       Full House


The main intention is to make our Mentors to gain invaluable insight beyond their own education and experience. In turn we strongly believe, these mentors can inspire and guide all the Volunteers of Sahaya in near future.

We are greatly looking forward to have these mentoring programs regularly in all Sahaya adopted schools for the benefit of Children. We will be encouraged students with specific goals and expectations in their academic pursuits.

Finally, we would like to THANK each and every volunteer by name for their strong foundation towards Event Oriented Activities under the name "Swecha".

With Respects
Sreeram Bh


Srinivas Bellam said...

Really the concept of mentoring is superb. Till now we gave them only education but with this we also enhance their leadership skills and also it will inspires others too participate in this also helps in building relationship between higher and lower class students. New concepts are need of the hour through which we can create interest in students. Kudos to Karhtik and Nischal for coming up with the idea and to the core committee for implementing the idea. i hope this will be introduced in other schools also which helps students in their all round development

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